My Reading List for 2015

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Christmas morning, my wife and three girls host our mothers for a special breakfast and gifts. It’s an annual tradition; however this year, with my mom “graduating” to heaven four months ago, it was a bit different. My mother-in-law (now 92) is a sharpie, but we all were surprised when she declared that she had read 123 books in 2014. Whoa!

I counted up my total later in the day, and it was a paltry 15. From Crazy Busy by Kevin DeVries to The Third Third of Life by Walter C. Wright… from Hard Work by Roy Williams to Platform by Michael Hyatt… I enjoyed learning and discovering in 2014. I also re-read 3 books for the 2nd time… The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni, 24/6 by Dr. Matthew Sleeth, and Leading on Empty by Wayne Cordeiro.

In the spirit of New Year’s goal setting and declarations, here’s my list for 2015. I’m sure I’ll make some additions and deletions along the way, but here’s my pile that I’d like to finish and enjoy. Some of them will “hurt so good” as they challenge my soul and life; others will be enjoyment and discovery. Wherever you are in life today – January 2nd, 2015 – I encourage you to identify at least 3 books you desire to read in the coming year.

  1. The Book of God, by Walter Wangerin, Jr.
  2. From Seed to Sapling, by Adam Sterenberg
  3. Apollo 13, by Jim Lovell & Jeffery Kluger
  4. Failure is Not an Option, by Gene Kranz
  5. Blueprint for Life, by Michael Kendrick & Ben Ortlip
  6. Finding Your Way, by Dan Webster and Randy Gravitt
  7. The Next Level, by Scott Eblin
  8. The Heart of Leadership, by Mark Miller
  9. From Where God Sits, by Herb Shaffer
  10. What’s Best Next, by Matt Perman
  11. Passion, by Louie Giglio
  12. Simplify, by Bill Hybels
  13. Satisfied, by Jeff Manion
  14. Wisdom Meets Passion, by Dan Miller & Jared Angaza
  15. One Big Thing, by Phil Cooke
  16. Storm Warning, by Billy Graham
  17. Wooden: A Coach’s Life, by Seth Davis
  18. Speak, by Nish Weiseth
  19. The Back of the Napkin, by Dan Roam
  20. Caffeine for the Creative Team, by Stefan Mumaw & Wendy Lee Oldfield
  21. Guessimation, by Lawrence Weinstein & John A. Adam
  22. Silos, Politics & Turf Wars (2nd time), by Patrick Lencioni
  23. Toughness: Developing True Strength, by Jay Bilas
  24. Undone, by Michele Cushatt

I’d be interested in any of your personal recommendations. However,  since I’ve purchased all these (except one which isn’t out yet), they will start the list to be considered for 2016!

Mark Jevert

– Creative Strategist –
– committed hubby and devoted dad to three adult girls
– veteran youth work missionary
– passionate follower of Jesus