• Strategic Planning
  • Capital Campaigns
  • Leadership Development
  • Marketing Plans
  • Event Design
  • Fund Development

Recently, NEXT has…

  • Coached a ministry through the implementation of an new annual funding event that increased their net results 5x
    over the previous year…
  • Helped a church decide to NOT proceed with a Capital Campaign…
  • Created a logo and theme for a special offering for a church…
  • Helped with the concept and launch of a special giving project for a church…
  • Wrote copy for a business’ new web site launch…
  • Facilitated a board retreat for a Christian school…

  • Spoke for sessions for the MI/IN CCCA regional gathering…
  • Created a new branding identity and important marketing tools for two different Christian ministries
  • Facilitated a leadership retreat/strategic planning day for two different churches
  • Conducted a research project for a church looking to improve their communication to those outside the church…
  • Provided monthly coaching to a pastor starting a new church plant…

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What a daunting reality a blank sheet of paper or a pristine whiteboard can be. It takes a special and gifted person to begin to visualize an event or a strategy. Mark Jevert is an individual who does just that. While others in the room flail, Mark distills; he focuses; he creates. Ideas and concepts take shape under Mark’s guidance, and with them, vision begins to become reality.

Dan Wolgemuth
President/CEO , Youth for Christ/USA



your next event from a blank sheet of paper


your next project be more successful


a leader to their next level of effectiveness


a team to push through barriers and achieve next level results


your next plan for greater focus and efficiency


a funding initiative to the next plateau


you in a customized way to take your efforts to the next level

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  • It is his servant heart that makes Mark Jevert so good at what he does. He is a master collaborator who gets himself out of the way, focuses on you and makes you better. That’s the bottom line. He helps you do… whatever it is you do… better.

    Bob Stromberg
    Bob Stromberg
  • Creating… Helping… Coaching… Inspiring… Strategizing… Elevating… Serving. These are some of the skills Mark has demonstrated in the three decades he has worked with me. They also describe his characteristics as a friend.

    Ken Davis
  • Mark helped our board focus by walking us through brainstorming and strategy exercises, and he planned and led our first overseas ministry trip. That gave us new avenues for ministry for the next 20 years.

    Sandy Burdick
    Sandy Burdick
    Founder, Open Hearts Ministry
  • When a Fortune 500 company hired me to create an event, my very first pick for the team was Mark. The ceiling of “what’s possible” gets raised every time Mark is on your team.

    Peter Eide
    Christian Musician/Speaker
  • Mark is a tremendous communicator. His insight has helped me become the leader that I am today and positioned our church to do transformational ministry in the 21st century.

    James Harris
    James Harris
    Pastor, Trenches Community Church