Good Reads

I’ve been intentionally carving out time in my schedule over the last few years to read. I’ve not been increasing my trips to the gym, but my “reading reps” have skyrocketed. I recently saw a social media promotion for executive book summaries that claimed the average CEO reads 75 books a year. Sounds like a […]

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The Best Books I Read in 2016

FOR YOUR INNER LEADERSHIP: Oola – Find Balance in an Unbalanced World The North Face of God Leadership Pain Jesus Outside the Lines An Unhurried Life FOR BREAKTHROUGH THINKING: The Ideal Team Player A More Beautiful Question Caffeine for the Creative Mind FOR YOUR CHURCH/ORGANIZATION: The God Ask The Generosity Network RelationShift Increasing Church Capacity […]

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One Word…

I’m one of many who choose a word and use it as an anchor point for the year. I usually start thinking about it mid-December, and by the time the end of the year rolls around, I’ve settled on the one word I believe God is whispering to me that could shape not only my […]

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